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The reason people buy insurance is to cover potential losses. Unfortunately, the insurance companies make more money the fewer claims they pay. While some insurance companies may act with integrity, there are also companies that will not engage in the proper investigations or other wrongful conduct relating to your claim and delay or deny your rightful claim. At Hawkins Law, P.C., we’re here to help you combat your insurance company’s bad faith actions and make sure you obtain the coverage you deserve.


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Examples of Bad Faith Practices

A bad faith insurance claim involves an insurance company using inappropriate, fraudulent, or deceptive tactics to avoid fully paying out a claim. Some examples of bad faith practices include:

  • Denial of rightful payment to the policyholder without providing reasonable grounds
  • Unreasonable delay in paying the policyholder
  • Underpayment of a claim
  • Refusal to properly investigate a claim
  • Inappropriate investigation tactics
  • Failure to respond to a request in a reasonable time
  • Concealment or disregard of damage evidence
  • Relying on false reasons to deny the claim – such as wrongly accusing the insured of misrepresentation in the application process or fraud

Sometimes an insurance company will use leverage such as your financial position or need for a settlement or resolution sooner than later to take advantage of you.

If you believe your insurance company has underpaid you for a settlement or denied your claim without reasonable explanation, you have the right to have your claim considered and take legal action against them for engaging in bad faith practices. An experienced lawyer can better help you work through the details of these cases, as insurance companies are likely familiar with these kinds of disputes and have more resources than you alone to protect their profits. A lawyer can make sure the fine print is interpreted under the law properly to meet your interests and highlight the exact conduct of bad faith that will render the insurance company culpable.

Types of Insurance Disputes We Handle

There are several advantages to hiring an attorney for your bad faith insurance claim, especially if you are dealing with a complex insurance policy. Bad faith practices can be committed by a range of insurance companies, including:

Health insurance

Life insurance

Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance

Fire insurance

Business property insurance

Long-term disability insurance

Car insurance

Hurricane claims

Fire loss claims

Hail and storm damage claims

Workers compensation bad faith refusal to pay coverage

Cancer policies

Disability policies

 It’s beneficial to work on your bad faith insurance claim with an attorney who has experience handling these specific types of disputes. A bad faith insurance lawyer will know what practices from your insurance provider constitute bad faith and how to proceed with the appropriate legal action.

Attorney John F. Hawkins is an aggressive advocate who will fight tenaciously for your rights as an insured individual. He will assert your rights and do his best to help you reach a solution to your bad faith claim. Insurance disputes can be some of the most frustrating to handle, but having an experienced lawyer like Attorney Hawkins can help. Attorney Hawkins Law will also assist in the representation of those who have been subjected to improper insurance practices.

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