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It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for reporting or refusing to engage in illegal activity. If you have reported or refused to engage in illegal activity and have been retaliated against – demoted, fired or suffered some other loss of compensation or benefits – you may have a case that can be pursued in Mississippi courts for significant damages and be compensated for your injuries. Our job at Hawkins Law is to hold employers who wrongfully terminate you or others who interfere with your employment relationship accountable. We work to see that justice is done. We strive to make things right and cases brought for wrongful termination in Mississippi can result in a jury award for substantial compensation if you have been seriously damaged due to wrongful employment practices.

You have a number of rights as an employee, including protection against unfair termination. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated by your employer in Jackson, MS or Atlanta, GA, do not hesitate to contact Hawkins Law, P.C. immediately for legal representation. We can examine the circumstances of your case and help you build a strong argument against your employer’s inappropriate actions. We will fight aggressively for your rights and provide the straightforward, informed legal support you need to navigate your legal challenges.

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Mississippi’s “At-Will” Employment Laws

Like many states, Mississippi honors “at-will” employment, which means employers have the right to dismiss an employee for any reason or no reason just like you have the right to resign. However, an employer may not fire a worker based on illegal grounds like their race (under federal anti-discrimination laws) or if doing so violates the terms of the employment contract. So, while an employer can technically terminate an employment contract without any specific reason, they cannot do so for an illegal reason.

Instances of Wrongful Termination

Some examples of situations leading to wrongful termination include:

Breach of contract

Breach of contract

An employer may be guilty of wrongful termination if they fire an employee in contradiction with the terms of the employment contract. For example, if the contract specifies the duration of the worker’s employment or terms that must be met in order to terminate an employee – such as requiring the employer to show “good cause”, firing an employee early or when these conditions are not met constitutes a violation of a legal contract.


Under federal law, employees have the right to report their employer’s illegal activity (e.g., violations of wage laws or discrimination or harassment). If an employer retaliates and fires an employee because they blew the whistle or made a fair complaint, the employer may be sued for wrongful termination.


Federal law protects individuals from discrimination in the workplace. An employer who fires someone because of their race, national origin, gender, age, disability, or other characteristic may be held accountable in court for wrongful termination.

Employees who have been wrongfully terminated may work with an attorney to sue their employer. If the case is successful, they may be able to recover compensatory, economic, and non-economic damages like:

  • Lost wages both past and future and lost earnings
  • Costs of searching for a new job and other incidental
  • Expenses caused by the wrongful termination
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Reinstatement to a former position
  • Medical expenses, if applicable.

In some cases, the damages award may also call for punitive damages, which are meant to deter others and punish the employer and discourage them from repeating the same conduct in the future. Punitive damages are often awarded in cases involving retaliation or discrimination, and the damage award will depend on the number of employees an employer has.

If you have been unlawfully terminated from your job, you have the right to take legal action and sue for damages. An experienced lawyer can better help you build a strong case proving wrongful termination, whether you have been laid off against the terms of your contract or due to your age, sex, race or disability. Hawkins Law, P.C. is prepared to help you fight aggressively for damages in your Jackson or Atlanta wrongful termination case.

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